From design, installation and maintenance we are here for you. We can handle all of your network infrastructure operations. Small businesses, local government and financial institutions rely on us for their technology demands.

Core networking

Network hardware, devices, and software are vital for every business today. From the routers, network switches and wireless connectivity we ensure you have a solid connection for reliable communications.

Cyber Security

Firewall configuration and monitoring provides the first barrier in protecting your network and data. Anti-virus and anti-malware software, security policies and staff training are essential in keeping your network safe.

Data loss prevention

Protect your business from data loss. Data loss can occur for a number of reasons. Users deleting files by accident or maliciously, viruses, ransomwware , mechanical failure, natural disasters and theft are some of those reasons.

On-premises backup (external hard drives, other media or shared drive) combined with remote backup (cloud storage or remote office storage) provides the best solution on recovering from data loss.


Operating System maintenance includes verifying installation of updates for antivirus, security patches and that the latest versions of the OS is installed. Networks maintenance keeps your network up and running. Monitoring and improving network performance, and planning for network growth are examples of network maintenance.


On site support is provided when necessary or requested. Remote support provides the following benefits: increased response time, minimized cost (no travel time or travel expense), and increased productivity.